About Sparrow

What is Sparrow?

Sparrow is an online tool that allows you to create social media reports using a unified format and providing further guidance in conducting social media analytics. Sparrow includes analytical functions such as identifying trending topics, hashtags and key influencers.

How does Sparrow work?

Sparrow uses self-curated Twitter account lists (learn about Twitter lists here). This allows you to keep control of the data that is analyzed by Sparrow (e.g., manual detection of bots) and maintain credibility of the reporting. Coherent and automated visual layout for reporting conveys intelligible and empirical-based analysis in a timely manner.

Why was Sparrow developed?

Analysts have increasingly been facing requests to report on social media dynamics, but they have been struggling with getting started on social media analysis and producing coherent reports. This is a gap Sparrow tries to fill.

Who developed Sparrow?

Sparrow is an innovative pilot project of UN DPPA, developed in close partnership with staff both in the field and at UN Headquarters, developed and accelerated by the Innovation Cell. Technical partners include The Idea Bureau, and academic partners.

How can I learn more about social media analysis?

Check out the cheat sheet on social media analysis produced by UN DPPA.